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Taehyung *Yet To Come*

$12.25 USD - $13.50 USD
Taehyung *Yet To Come*

Pin Details:
-Hard Enamel Pin
-Gold Plating
-1.75 inches tall
-Glitter and Screenprint


Grade A-
Slight imperfections in the metal plating
Light surface scuffing or scratches in the enamel and/or metal
Small nicks in the enamel or metal plating

Grade B-
Multiple imperfections in the metal plating
Scratches on screenprints
Moderately scuffed enamel and/or metal
Small gouges or marks in the enamel
Lightly discolored enamel and/or tarnished metal plating

Grade C-
Large and noticeable scratches and/or gouges in the enamel
Multiple large areas of plating issues
Significant areas of under-filled enamel or missing enamel

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