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*Pre-order* SUGA PLUSHIE DOLL (20 CM)

$30.00 USD - $65.00 USD
*Pre-order* SUGA PLUSHIE DOLL (20 CM)

Size: 20 cm tall

Pricing Details:

Full set (Doll + Black outfit): $65.00
Naked Doll: $35.00
Clothing set (Black outfit): $30.00
Clothing set (Haegeum outfit): $30.00

Important Information:

-It takes around 7-8 months for us to receive the dolls. The manufacturer needs time to recreate both the dolls and their clothes and then ship them to me. After I receive them, I'll conduct a quality check, pack them, and then ship them to you.

-If you're unable to wait for this duration, you're welcome to wait for the in-stock items. However, please keep in mind that the available quantity will be limited.

-Payment Method: Please note, we do not accept PayPal. We apologize for any inconvenience.

-Shipping: Yes, we ship worldwide!

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