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SUGA AGUST D *D-Day Tour* U.S. Concert Ticket

$8.50 USD
SUGA AGUST D *D-Day Tour* U.S. Concert Ticket

Thick glossy photo paper
Double-sided laminate
Front - Holographic Laminate
Back - Clear laminate


Made To Order- Please allow several days for shipping.

Please be advised that the ticket displayed on this page is not a valid pass for any concert and will not grant entry. It is simply a fun design I created for the enjoyment and possession of fellow ARMYs.

These tickets are specifically designed for U.S. tour dates only.

The back of the ticket features a Spotify barcode which you can easily scan using the Spotify camera feature to access Suga's official playlist.

If you want to gift your friends their cards and tickets, please write their names in the Notes once you check out. You don't need to do separate orders. I'll pack it together only if it ships to the same address.

When making your purchase, you can select either the stamp or track option. Please note that if you choose the stamp option, a tracking number won't be available. This means that I won't be held responsible for any lost mail once it's shipped. So please shop at your own risk and choose wisely!

*All sales are final. No Refunds or exchanges*

Make sure to double-check that your mailing address is accurate to avoid any delivery mishaps. If you notice any errors or mistakes, don't hesitate to reach out to us right away via email at [email protected] or through direct message on Instagram, and we'll take care of it as soon as possible.

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